Art Therapy involves the use of Art Making to aid the expression and exploration of feelings, thoughts, conflicts and relationship issues.

Making art can be a safe way to represent our inner experiences and can enable easy exploration of the underlying dynamics.  Combining imagery with verbal therapy can deepen and accelerate the process of self-discovery and healing.  The Art Therapist serves as an empowering guide to facilitate this process.

 Apart from drawing, painting, working with clay etc., the Art Therapist may use meditation, visualization techniques, creative writing, guided imagery, music and movement in the sessions.

 What are the benefits of art therapy?

  • Increase insight into personal issues
  • Release feelings and emotions
  • Identify blocks to emotional expression and growth
  • Develop creativity and self-expression
  • Develop self-understanding
  • Improve self-esteem
  • Solve problems and conflict
  • Increase communication
  • Relax and develop focus.
  • Develop Healthy coping skills.