Mindfulness based Art therapy blends together two disciplines Mindfulness and Art Therapy.  Mindfulness is based on meditation principles and involves paying attention intentially and without judgment – to experiences and emotions as they happen.  In the practice of mindfulness one learns to be present in the moment. 

In Mindful-based Art Therapy one engages in the image making in a relaxed and curious way observing new ways of being.  The Art therapy process allows the slowing down of repetitive thinking patterns and brings you into the present moment by being consciously present to the process.   

The art making process and meditation are both solitary undertakings and often operate in the context of silence.  In the quite inner space, the inner world of one’s thought's, feelings and experiences can be witnessed, organized, created and externalized.   In both processes we cultivate witnessing awareness  - being grounded and open to the fruits of mindfulness techniques, contemplative and creative’s practices. Art Therapy creates a space that allows the unconscious a chance to be expressed, be seen, heard and felt.  The Art Therapy process invites one to enter into an authentic relationship with self, process and product.  In this creative process one navigates the inner world and journeys to the heart, using imagination and intuition. 

 The living image that results from the art process is the true teacher leading the way to greater personal understanding and awareness.  The Art has a message and connects with the heart.  One can learn from you the image by listening to what is says. 

 The Art therapy process fosters the interaction of belief and experience, of conscious and unconscious, of body and mind, masculine and feminine enhancing communication    and integration of the self.

 The art making can be a special doorway to higher consciousness.  It fosters realization and transformations of all kinds.  Art Making ignites the creative spirit and connects with one’s spirituality.

"You are the artist, you are the raw material, you are the work of art and you are the behind the work of Art.  One experiences ecstasy when one discovers the Creation in one as onself".     Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan 

In your light I learn to love.
In your beauty how to make poems.
You dance inside my chest,
When no one sees you,
But sometimes I do
And that sight becomes this art.